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Tingalpa Aircon and Auto-electric Repairs

Bayside automotive provide expert auto-electric repair services to the wider Wynnum-Manly area from our Tingalpa workshop. We’re a small independent mechanic workshop with the tools and experience to take on any auto-electrical problem you throw at us. We work on all makes and models and have specialist experience working with European vehicles. Our team has serviced the local area since 2011 and our most senior mechanics have more than two decades of experience in the industry.

Give us a call on (07) 3348 4822 to book in your car for a service.

Accessory installation:

Some larger accessories that require professional installation, such as fridges and freezers, will require an isolated second battery to prevent your car from dying in the middle of nowhere. We’re equipped to perform second battery installations and can re-route your existing battery to save up engine space if necessary. We also sell replacement batteries for those wishing to replace their existing battery themselves.

Ignition faults:

Ignition faults can be caused by a number of problems including failure of the battery, alternator, spark plugs, or even a build-up within the throttle body. It’s impossible to diagnose just by looking at which is why expert analysis is needed to ensure the problem is accurately detected and remedied for good.

We take care of all ignition faults including:

  • Car not starting
  • Car rough starting
  • Rough idle
  • Engine stalling
  • Engine misfires
  • Battery losing charge
  • No fuel delivery

Air-conditioning faults:

We refer most air-conditioning faults to an expert auto air-conditioning professional we use regularly. They’re equipped to handle all problems like burst hoses, compressor failures, tank leaks and re-gassing.

Accessories and lighting faults:

Whether it’s a problem with your radio and car entertainment system or your electric windows aren’t working, we can diagnose and repair most vehicle accessory problems. If necessary, outsourcing can be done to an expert auto-electrician, though this is unnecessary for most problems.

Lighting problems (such as headlight or taillight problems) are a safety hazard and should be attended to straight away to avoid being fined. Fortunately, they’re usually a quick and affordable problem that we can take care of with minimal issue. Swing by our workshop as soon as possible when this occurs.

Tingalpa Auto-Electric Repair

Get your auto-electrical issues sorted by an expert mechanic. Call (07) 3348 4822 to book in an appointment.