Roadworthy Certificates
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Tingalpa Roadworthy Certificate Inspection

Get your roadworthy certificate inspection performed at Bayside Automotive, a Tingalpa-based mechanic with decades of experience. Our team provide efficient service and attention-to-detail, ensuring your vehicle is safe for sale or re-registration with minimal delay. We work on all makes and models and have continually serviced the wider Wynnum-Manly area with reputable services they can trust.

Book your vehicle in for a roadworthy inspection by calling us on (07) 3348 4822 or swing by our workshop during business hours.

Queensland Safety Certificates and Roadworthy Inspections

A roadworthy or safety certificate is a legal requirement for anyone selling a used vehicle or re-registering an unregistered vehicle in Queensland. They ensure your vehicle is safe for use on Queensland roads. Roadworthy inspections are performed at a fixed price and last for two months or 2,000km, whichever comes first. We conduct safety certificate inspections exactly to Transport and Main Roads specifications and provide you with a full list of any defects that need attention before the vehicle can be sold or re-registered. Inspections are quick, taking a little more than half an hour if you book your vehicle in.

Items included in a safety certificate inspection:

  • Check for leaks
  • Check for serious body / frame damage
  • Testing of lights and safety equipment (seatbelts etc)
  • Braking test and inspection
  • Windscreen and wiper inspection
  • Tyre inspection
  • Suspension inspection

Safety certificates are issued online almost immediately; however, we’ll also provide you with a physical copy where possible to give any prospective buyers reassurance. If your vehicle fails the roadworthy inspection, you’re given two weeks to get the items reassessed and the car re-assessed for free. During the inspection we’ll give you a call if we identify any faults that need attention for the vehicle to pass; these can usually be fixed within the day.

Roadworthy inspection vs pre-purchase inspection:

Please note that a roadworthy certificate does not prove whether the vehicle is in good working order; it merely guarantees that there aren’t any potentially dangerous safety hazards with the car. If you’re purchasing or selling a car and want a better idea of its condition and value, we recommend getting a pre-purchase inspection performed by our mechanics. It takes slightly longer, but more attention is given to wear items and maintenance history to let you know what is needed for the car to function as intended and what service costs will be required in the future.

Roadworthy Certificate Inspection

Bring your vehicle in for a roadworthy certificate inspection before selling. Call Bayside Automotive on (07) 3348 4822.